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Drake seen in recovery after “Anaconda” music video
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Oh yeah, this looks legitimate.
Discarded early drafts of this sign:

FREE CANDY!Building at Corner<—————————

CHEAP MAMMOGRAMS:Building at Corner<—————————

SPEED-DATINGSingle? Unattached?No one who will miss you should something terrible happen?Building at Corner<—————————

Meeting For The NO KIDNAPPING ClubAre You A Pretty Lady Who Hates Kidnapping And Wants To Discuss It With Other Likeminded Individuals?Us too!We Are Definitely Not Kidnappers!Come To Our Meeting And We Will Totally Not Kidnap You!(No Cops)Building at Corner<—————————

KNOW HOW TO MAKE A PROFESSIONAL-LOOKING NOT CREEPY SIGN?We could use your servicesPlease bring a resume and portfolio to theBuilding at Corner<—————————

Auditions:Female Singers With Nice FeetMust Have “Cute” “Petite” FeetMust Not Get Weird About Us Taking Pictures Of Your FeetBring Sheet Music (Accompanist Provided)Building at Corner<—————————

HEY LADY SINGERS!Come Into This Dark Mysterious Building, Why NotWorst-Case Scenario The Endless Cable News Coverage Of Your Almost Certain Grisly Abduction And Gruesome Dismemberment Followed By Lengthy Trial, Interviews With Cops, Friends, Loved Ones, Lifetime Movie, Book Deals For All, Early Home Movies Taken “In Happier Times,” Etc., Etc., May Bring Some Much-Needed Exposure To Your Fledgeling Musical CareerBuilding at Corner<—————————

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I made this and it is good, I think. 
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i wish people had crushes on me 

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buy it here: $20 / £12
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Trent Garrett
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;-; h…..harry.
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Holy fuck i wasnt ready!

wow like no one really understands me.

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